Periscope Profit Machine

Order now and get INSTANT access to 19 video training modules, including:

  • Why Periscope and why NOW?
  • How does Periscope Work?
  • Getting Over the Fear Factor
  • How To Write A Rockstar Bio That People Can’t Wait To Follow
  • What Makes a Great Scope?
  • How to get Your First 1000 Followers
  • The Secret To Writing Kick Butt Titles
  • How to Build Your Brand on Periscope
  • How To Get More Hearts, Comments, and Shares
  • Quick & Easy Way To Capture Your Scopes
  • Content…What oh What Do You Share?
  • Engagement Tips
  • How to Use Periscope for BUSINESS!
  • How to Repurpose Your Scopes
  • What You Should Know About Privacy
  • How To Direct Message Using Periscope
  • How To Drive More Engagement Off Of Periscope
  • How To Save Your Scopes With Hearts & Comments
  • Get More People Watching Your Scopes & Keep Them Coming Back For More!

Plus, SEVEN special bonuses, including:

  • Periscope Equipment List: Exactly what you need (and nothing you don’t) to do amazing scopes.
  • Pro “Calls to Action”: Dramatically increase the number of hearts comments and shares your scopes get using these pro-tested techniques.
  • FAQ Video: Get answers to most of the questions you have about using Periscope in one video.
  • Periscope “Mind Map”: This is a detailed map that shows you exactly how Periscope integrates into your business model.
  • Scope Kick-off Checklist: Learn Kim’s special technique to coming out the gate fast at every scope.
  • 30 Sample Scope Titles:
    These titles are guaranteed to atrract scopers.
  • Immediate access to a closed Facebook Group where you will be able to ask questions and work other students.

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